In a world of Facesnap and Instachat and Ticktocking, it’s tempting to always post the happy times, the successes, our moments of perfection. But this is not life. This is not who we are. We have a dark side and it doesn’t always come with a filter. Our days are just as often filled with disappointments, failures small and large, indignities and disrespect.

Good, bad. Yin, yang. Dog, cat. Life is often about striking a balance. Going to sleep feeling that you’re no more behind than when you woke up. 2019 has been a year of such for us.

We have had much to be grateful for, some incredible accomplishments and countless moments of love and joy. But we’d be lying if we said this was all there was, for we also had our share of bad decisions, broken bones, and insecure spirits.

Some days, it was an accomplishment simply to get to, well, meh.

So for our 2019 holiday missive, we celebrate the meh. The OK. The adequate. The alright. We laud the myriad strategies to make a bad day less bad, calm the crying child, to wink at the fates and tell ‘em “nice try, I’m still here and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Our lives are not measured only by our successes but how we deal with adversity. Do we breakdown, cry, think we can’t go on? Well sometimes. But more often then not, we just put one foot in front of the other.

To all of you who understand this, we say “meh 2019, and here’s to 2020”.

Shannon, Mitch, Edison, and Huxley